I was in the back when you came around
It only takes a second if you say it loud
I was gonna wait till you’re back in town
I think I’ll wait till you come back around

Look up at the sky
See we're upside down
Figures running wild we were freaking out
I saw you first but you’re faded now
 I saw you first but you faded out

I’ll get a good feeling next time
I got a good feeling about the next time
Want to sit and wonder why?
 I’ll show you how to spend my time 
I’ll get good feeling next time

It’s just a little bit of tired luck
I can still believe it if we make it up
You were looking good on the front lines
Sweeter than a promise from another time

It's all about the romance, don't let it die
It's all about the romance, please don't lie

Written by Jesse Morrow
Produced by Brian Fennell
Mixing by Allen Salmon
Mastering by Levi Seitz